Does not see registered .online domains

Good afternoon! It’s been three days since I bought .online domains! I can’t connect them to Cloudflare! He does not see domains! Writes that they are not registered! Everything works on their end. domains registered! Please help me figure it out


Can you share the domain so we can take a look?

Also be sure to run through the information here:

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It looks like you’ve possibly changed the nameservers of this domain to Cloudflare before adding it to your account:

Please review the linked docs:


If you add Cloudflare’s nameservers at your registrar before adding that domain to Cloudflare, your NS records will be considered invalid.

You need to add your domain to Cloudflare first, and only then add our nameservers at your registrar.

If you’ve already changed your nameservers to Cloudflare’s and are now getting this error, resetting them to your registrar’s default ones, waiting for a few hours, and then adding that domain should work.


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