Does not compress css


Hi there. I have put it on compress css in cloudflare, but the css does not seem to get compressed, slowing down the website.


What’s the URL of a CSS file that’s not getting compressed? Here’s an article that may explain why:


What is the filename @bestscapethe?

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I read this before and now I have spent like 2 days optimizing the website and fixing errors. Indexstyles.css is not getting compressed. Same goes with all other CSS I believe. Html and js works fine though.

Edit: now it appears to be minified on my phone atleast. Maybe it just took a while to cache. Oh well I guess I did not waste some hours for nothing, at least I got an error free code and 99/100 Google pagespeed, ha ha…


Once it came out of the cache it is minified. But it seems to work for you too now.

Lets not exaggerate :slight_smile:

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