Does new service take 24 hours?

From a running Bluehost website, I signed up in Cloudflare with the domain name.
Copied the Cloudflare nameservers to the Bluehost DNS nameserver entries.
Added a DNS A record with the domain name and IP from Bluehost.

At first the website seemed to work.
Then Cloudflare notified me that DNS had been verified.
Website is now broken.
Bluehost says it may take 24 hours for the website to return.

Does that sound right, or is something wrong here?

It’s stuck in an HTTPS -> HTTPS redirect loop.

Was your site using HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare? It should have, and your SSL/TLS Mode should be Full (Strict).

I was wondering about that, but found answers that conflicted as to the choice that would cause a redirect loop.

Yes, the site was on https, and I set the ssl mode to strict.

The site’s back on, speed about the same. (and thanks)

Should return empty?
Anything else I should quick check, or is this enough?

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