Does Let's Encrypt work and renew when Cloudflare is enabled?

I’ve been using Let’s Encrypt since Google started requiring SSL with the Certbot command tool. It always worked as expected. Then I enabled Cloudflare on the website, and I never paid attention because the Lock on the site was always there.
Many months went by, and now I’m noticing that the SSL certificate is signed by Google Trust Services LLC and not Let’s Encrypt. Then just checking around, I noticed the Cloudflare Edge Certificates page that has one Univeral and Backup Issued certificate assigned to my website.
Does this mean that all this time, Cloudflare was issuing the certificate and not Let’s encrypt? I never configured Cloudflare SSL. This happened automatically. So the question now is, Let’s Encrypt doesn’t work or renew when Cloudflare is enabled?

Also, if I use Development Mode will the SSL from Cloudflare will continue to show in the site?

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