Does it really required to confirm all domains while transferring only one?

CloudFlare (CF) domain transfer system confirm all domains in my account every time I want to transfer a single domain. It doesn’t even work for multiple domain transfer either ( I have tried transferring 2 domains twice, both time it only transfers one domain).

The confirmation step is time and resource (of CF) consuming step. It can be

  1. Choose domain to transfer
  2. Confirm the selected domain(s)

but I don’t know why CF haven’t fix this yet.

My account has over 400 domains to transfer and growing. Growing because CF doesn’t support registering at them yet. So, it takes time for confirmation step. It is really require to confirm every time? I really hope CF’d domain management get improved quickly overtime so that we can list and manage domains most importantly bulk enabling/disabling auto renewal.

Apart from that, I really like and appreciate the good work/contribution to the community.