Does it matter if I switched the order of the given CloudFlare nameservers by mistake at my domain?

Recently, I have made a transfer of some of my domains to another register, and all of them are were already pointed to CloudFlare nameservers.

But the difference is that the given NS1 “” is now in the value field under my domain as NS no. 2 and the given NS2 value “” is now on my domain as NS no 1.

On the domain it was as given first time at adding the Website/domain to CloudFlare:

On the domain it is now because I switched them by mistake - Website/domain still on CloudFlare:

Does this creates any difference and/or issues?

Thank you

No worry at all on the order. They often show up in random order when doing a lookup, but provide the correct responses regardless. Between the two, they know which one is authoritative.


Thank you for feedback!
I was already worried I have messed up the thing.

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