Does Invisible Turnstile automatically generate a new token when it expires?

I am using the Turnstile API on invisible mode

turnstile.render('.container', {
	 sitekey: '0xXXXXXXXXXX',
	 callback: function (token) {
		 cfKey = token;

Above is the only code I am using to generate the a token via Turnstile, with Invisible mode – so the user isn’t presented with any challenges or shown the widget.

I have heard a token lasts 5 minutes before expiring, will this automatically generate a new token for me or do I need to do something else?

In my Browser Console, I get this roughly every 5 minutes:

Console was cleared
v1?ray=828397ac3b3f6a14:1 Request for the Private Access Token challenge.

And a new token seems to be created – but I am seeing online that I am supposed to utilise timeout-callback and expiry-callback – but looks like this does it automatically without me doing that

Can anyone confirm?