Does I Am Under Attack Mode Decrease Adsense CPC

28 hours ago my site was under attack and it was inaccessible until my Host Knownhost block a suspected fake traffic from Amazonbot. And the site was restored while i enabled i am under attack mode.

Since i enabled the I AM UNDER ATTACK MODE my Adsense CPC reduced.

Does the under attack mode affect adsense?

I think it does, as far as it challenges each request which is trying to enter your website.

UAM can potentially affect the site negatively if a legitimate visitor sees a captcha and leaves the website.
You shouldn’t challenge your visitors unless its an overly complex attack that you can’t fingerprint.

On the other side, its possible that UAM has stopped fraudulent clicks from reaching your site and generating fake clicks. If that’s the case, you were fortunate since google takes bot farms and click fraud very seriously.

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