Does getting a lot of "bot traffics" violate Cloudflare Terms of Service?

A BDR of Cloudflare contacted me to raise concern of our cloudflare accounts getting 60+% “bot traffics”.

Is it considered violation of cloudflare terms of service?

Those “bot traffics” are mostly from three sources:

  1. Googlebots - our public website is getting a lot of google crawling. should we stop google from crawling our site?

  2. our custom script to migrate data from aws s3 to r2 - we are in the process of migrating from s3 to r2, which should benefit cloudflare; but do we need to stop such migration to reduce “bot traffics”? This migration should be done in a few days, but I"m not sure if we should stop now.

  3. API traffic from our customers - we provide a paid api product to developers; of course, a lot of api traffics are from “bots”.

We are with Business plan ($250/month).

I’m posting here to get some ideas from peer developers and cloudflare engineers. The BDR from cloudflare contacting me might not be technical enough to understand “bot traffics”.

My worst nightmare would be a non-technical BDR suddenly suspends our accounts for violation of cloudflare terms of service (in our case, for “bot traffics”), which would cause outage of our website / api and cause trouble to our customers…

Hi @user96810

We do not have a limit on how much traffic you are allowed to have to your website. We have a terms of service related to Streaming, that would require a Stream subscription.

I believe the BDR called you as an upsell opportunity, as you were receiving a lot of bot’s traffic and then you might be interested in upgrading to enterprise plan, where you would get a better bot management product.

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