Does 'free plan' Cloudflare work in Australia?

I know previously it did not but routed people overseas.

If you’re in Australia, give this a try to see which Datacenter(s) you’re routed to.

My point was, if it’s still being routed overseas then I won’t use Cloudflare.
Not sure if things changed since 2017 when this was an issue.

I’m not in Australia, so I can’t test the link I posted. But Australia routing has gotten better.

I just ran a quick check and I hit SYD on all plan tiers. But, your mileage may vary as networks may be connected in different ways, to different places, with different peering arrangements.

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People using Telstra (AS1221), or Belong (AS135887) will likely be routed to Singapore, regardless of location in Australia. Other ISPs, such like TPG, Aussie Broadband, Vocus, Vodafone, Exetel, are all currently being routed to SYD, MEL, or BNE (according to my own tests, against a Free plan domain)


I have tried via ProtonVPN Australia servers - Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, working fine but with some delay …

IPv4 http/2
First ping: 3463
Second ping: 546

CF plans routing to CF Australian datacenters has a higher rate of probability in hitting CF Aussie datacenters as you move higher up in CF plans. So CF Enterprise pretty much guarantees higher chance than CF Biz and CF Biz has higher chance than CF Pro. CF Free has the least chance. That’s my experience with CF free, pro, biz and enterprise and being in Brisbane, Australia. Though for me less than 10% of traffic is from Aussie visitors while 50% US and 30% Europe and 20% Asia.

For predominantly Australian traffic, you’d probably need CF Business or Enterprise plan. For India traffic, would need CF Enterprise plan.

But like @soldier_21 stated, depends on your Australian visitor’s ISP too. has an good indicator of what you may hit.


Excellent advice! :wink:


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