Does Flexible SSL cover sub-domains

I have a wordpress website with a flexible SSL which is working; but I have another wordpress site running on a sub-domain of the same root domain but the SSL does not cover it. I get a notification in the address bar that the website is not secured. I am new here, please help

You’ll get worse than a “not secure” warning if SSL is broken. What’s the URL?

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Your DNS record for ‘blog’ appears to be set to :grey: rather than :orange:, hence you are bypassing Cloudflare on that subdomain so you see the cert on the server (which is invalid).

On the Flexible note, given that you have a certificate on your server (for blog at least - even if it is invalid), you could probably set your SSL mode to Full which would be better.


Can you help with how to correct the DNS records for the sub domain?

You would need to go to the DNS tab in your Cloudflare dashboard and click the :grey: next to the record with the name ‘blog’ to turn it to :orange:.

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Thank you. Working

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