Does Firewall blocking most Geos Block crawlers?

Hi Community,

I have a website that only want to be shown in US and CA.


  1. Will turning the firewall setting to only allow US and CA on and the rest to challenge cause my SEO ranking to drop?

  2. (With only Geos like US and CA enable) My tracking software is located in Germany. So if I am advertising on FB, Leads will click on that tracking URL located in Germany before reaching my Site. Will this cause leads to having a problem accessing my site?

Hi @dskyseo,

There’s a filter for “known bots” you can use in your Firewall Rules to create an exception for them. The list, however, did not include Facebook and Twitter last time I checked. It also does not include some popular services that depend on crawling, such as GTMetrix. So you need to create exceptions for them as well, if you use these services.

One of my websites has following rule (with a different country list):

(not in {"US" "CA"}) or (not or (cf.threat_score ge 10)

This rule will Challenge/JSChallenge/Block visitors not from US or CA that are not in the known bot list, as well as anyone (even from US and CA) that has a threat score greater or equal 10.

I also have Facebook, Twitter and GTMetrix whitelisted with individual IP Access Rules. You can also exclude them using User Agent, or by specific IP addresses, since using the ASNumber will whitelist not only their bot but also visitors coming from their network as well.

For more information on known bots and threat score:

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