Does exist propagate DNS ASAP after late renew principal domain registration?

Hi! I have a serius problem with dns propagations on multiples IPSs in Argentina.
Yesterday, the main domain of the company was renewed, also added that it was expired from 8/7 to 11/7 at 10:30 am. Today some of the ISPs updated the DNS record of several of our sites, but the change has not yet impacted several IPSs. In those cases when I perform an nslookup query to the A record, it always returns the IP instead of the corresponding A record, this prevents us from presenting the web site to our clients.
Please we need help ASAP.


gdr . admifarmgroup . com

Error message:
We’re sorry, but we were unable to process the redirection request for the site you are attempting to access.

If you feel that you are receiving this message in error, please check the URL and try your request again.



Well, that particular hostname appears to resolve fine

Can you post the output of these commands?


idem situation with Movistar´s DNS servers

That seems to be an issue with your local resolver. Contact your network administrator or try to force your resolver to update. Alternatively you can always switch resolver.

thanks for response Sandro!
How can I force the update with Cloudflare?
Our NS records are hosted only on Cloudflare.
Another context is that our clients are pharmacies and it would be impossible to change their DNS resolution since they have different IPSs.

There’s nothing to update on Cloudflare’s side, Cloudflare has the right address. Your local resolver needs to update that, hence why you need to contact your network administrator.

Also, your system resolver seems to append to your hostname and that 64 address may be a default address. Again, that’s something to clarify with your network administrator or ISP.

I am afraid that’s only a local issue and Cloudflare is not involved here.

The addition to the fqdn is related to the fact that my computer is a member of the active directory and the domain names, both local and internet, match, but if I launch the query with only the hostname, then it resolves that IP that does not match the registry A that we have registered in Cloudflare. That’s why we don’t understand what’s going on. Only the Cloudflare records “brad . ns . Cloudflare . com” and “meg . ns . Cloudflare . com” are primary and secondary in the domain provider. So I don’t understand why in some Internet records the IP responds, which is not what we have registered or ours.
Is there a way to remove this incorrect resolution?


As I mentioned earlier, the address resolves fine on Cloudflare and worldwide.

Cloudflare does not control your resolver’s or ISP’s cache and that’s something only your ISP can fix.

Ok Sandro, thank you very much! Each external client depends on their ISP even if it generates a collateral commercial problem that they cannot access. Cheers!

Sure, if another ISP has similar caching issues, that will also need to be clarified with that ISP. Switching resolver might be a good idea, if possible, but you are right, that’s nothing Cloudflare can fix.

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