Does email routing hurt domain reputation if it forwards spam?

I configured email routing so it forwards emails to my Gmail inbox and it works great.

When I receive an email, Gmail says it was mailed by my domain. That makes sense.

But, I’ve started thinking about spammy emails which I sometimes receive. If Gmail sees them as mailed by my domain and marks them as spam, does it hurt my domain reputation?

It shouldn’t. Gmail should see that it’s not originating from your domain.

It’s quite important whether it shouldn’t affect or it doesn’t affect for sure.

I suggest you ask Gmail how they would handle Spam reporting for mail passed through Cloudflare. I use Fastmail and have entered which mail gets forwarded so they don’t improperly report.

I posted a question on Gmail’s community forum.

But still, there’s a need to confirm from Cloudflare that it complies with
Best practices for forwarding email to Gmail

@sven2 would know for sure. Are you seeing a Return-Path in the headers?

Yes, there are 2 Return-Path in headers.
One of them points to spammer’s email, let’s call it [email protected]
but the second one contains [email protected]

We do rewrite the return-path/sender to the forwarding domain to make SPF pass in Gmail. It’s hard to tell what Gmail does exactly

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I created the thread on Gmail Community Support, and so far I got an answer that

The Gmail system is intelligent enough to recognise the true source of the Spam

Sounds promising but still, it would be nice to have some proof for that statement, not just assume that Google is smart and we’re safe.

I’m really not sure what you’re expecting from Cloudflare. Cloudflare properly identifies the source of email, and complies with Google’s Best Practices you linked to. It’s up to Gmail to act upon it. If you need assurances, you’ll need to escalate at Google.

I see that Cloudflare does everything that’s necessary to offer proper email forwarding. I’m not expecting anything more in this matter from Cloudflare.

If you need assurances, you’ll need to escalate at Google.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. In the previous response, I posted an update from Gmail Community in case someone would want to follow that thread.

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