Does Eligible for cache = cache everything

in Cache Rules, Eligible for cache, as there is no cache level option, does that cache everything including dynamic files or only static?
not sure what Eligible for cache do

when Override origin, it determines how long but what if the asset is set to dynamic from origin. will still get Override ? or that only applies assets with header bypass or 0 ?

Yes. Eligible for Cache is the equivalent to Cache Everything level.

Cache-Control set by origin will be ignored for Edge or Browser cache, depending on what you set.

So if your origin has dynamic content with Cache-Control: max-age=0 or equivalent, and you set your Cache Rule for the URL as Edge: Eligible for Cache you’d also need to set it to override the origin so that Cloudflare caches that URL. If you Browser Cache TTL is set to Respect origin, Cloudflare will cache the URL while the visitor’s browser won’t.


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