Does Early hints require a change to my wordpress site?

I just enabled Early hints in Cloudflare. Reading the documents I am still in doubt: is that all I needed to do, or do I also have to make a change to my Wordpress web site - - to benefit from this.

Like I already posted here #225879/5 I would love to have some examples of what to do aswell. Also a tool that could validate by testing against the frontend, if early hints are working would be cool. But seems like all of this is not available.


I read the documents on Cloudflare a few times, and as far as I understand is: few browsers support it by default, but with some command line stuff you can get at least the latest Chrome browser to handle the early hints.

What I am uncertain about is if I just need to flip the swich for early hints to Yes in Cloudflare, or if I need some changes in my website as well (to identify resources that would benefit from preloading).

Your site needs to issue a Link: response header as well with your standard response. Cloudflare will cache that and send out as Early Hints the next time the resource is accessed.


Thanks for clearing that out.

As I’m not a very technical person: is there an easy way to do that from Wordpress, or a Wordpress plugin that does that for me (if not: that would be a nice one if someone developed that :slight_smile:).

Say for example if I would like to hint that the featured foto of my posts would be a candidate to preload?

Any plugin with pre-connect.

You will need to make sure you only use what is used 100% of the time. Analytics etc.

I think shows domains, check that out and implement slowly, adding too many will not help but hinder if they are not used 100% of the time or are not critical, resource heavy.

I use perfmatters pro, but nearly all plugins have this ability free and paid; just paid ones usually are much easier, aka wp rocket.

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Thank you very much. I use Autoptimize and see there’s such an option. I’ll check it out.

All good, remember to keep testing. Ideally, it may take a while go get the right combination of pre-connect with early hints, and I still play with mine on the odd occasion.

This speed optimisation drives me nuts.

Google, in the early part of 2022, are ranking desktop vitals as mobile does, so it’s good to get it sorted now.

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