Does domain renew price stay consistent for .win TLD? ($3.16)

I am looking to purchase a new domain of the .win TLD in Cloudflare Registrar. It says the price is $3.16, but does not say anything about renewal. I know some registrars or TLDs have surprisingly low first-year prices, and the prices go up for renewals after one year. Is that the case with .win? $3.16 per year seems too good to be true, so I am wondering if that is really the renewal price.

Currently, it looks like the initial registration price (first year) will $3.16 (2.98 + 0.18 ICANN fee), and renewals will be at a price of $4.16 (3.98 + 0.18 ICANN fee) per extra year, for the .win TLD.

A price like the renewal price of domain names cannot be guaranteed to stay consistent:

However, if you’re also happy with an renewal price that currently appears to be $4.16 (3.98 + 0.18 ICANN fee) per extra year, you can pre-pay most TLD up to the point where they have an expiration of ~ 10 years.

But unless you are making the full payment for all the years in advance right now, you won’t have any guarantees that the renewal price hasn’t changed next month, quarter, or year, … or whenever you are attempting to renew your domain in the future.


Ok, thank you!

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