Does clouldflare offer virtual machines

I need to setup a data base and I need a virtual machine to set up a data base I see that cloudflare does not provide virtual machines this is odd why such a big company does not offer virtual machines very odd

It sounds like you answered your own question.


In general Cloudflare is not a hosting company. There are some great hosting companies out there… some of them are bandwidth alliance partners of ours. Bandwidth Alliance | Reduce Data Transfer Fees | Cloudflare

Dodge also doesn’t offer virtual machine hosting (but they make a mean Jeep and I am shopping hard for a 2500).

We do offer a KV storage solution and are always looking at interesting DB strategies (see: Workers KV — Cloudflare’s distributed database) but we recognize there are some great better together stories for complex solutions.


If cloudflare became a VPS , holyshit, i would sell my house and buy all in cloudflare’s shares on the stock market haha

There’s little money in legacy VPS or raw compute. You see the smart players like DigitalOcean moving into managed PaaS, databases, and even slower players like Linode attempting to pivot away from raw compute. AWS/Azure/GCP are already there with host of offering from managed database, managed event streaming, ML, data lakes etc…

Cloudflare did recently partners with two database providers (if DurableObject and KV doesn’t fit) so I suspect there will be a greater push on the serverless front and more managed offerings in this area.

Cloudflare needs to pivot to self DESIGNING of their own chips. I recall previously cloudflare’s CEO twitter to collaborate between apple and themselves after M1 released their own chip. It’s a good starting point. Cloudflare’s software is quite well made, but on the hardware end, they depend on AMD / Intel which is bad because any other company with capacity can fight Cloudflare headup if they want to. It’s all about firepower.

On the other hand, look at AWS, they made Graviton2 , that itself generated ■■■■ lots of profit, why? Because everyone switched over, even all my instances are on Graviton2 right now. Digitalocean? Low profit, high user base, if AWS decides to play the cheap bandwidth game, all other VPS is dead.

Cloudflare NEEDS to move towards something unique or make it harder to replicate, which is Chips, the hardware is the core to everything for them. I would tell you upfront, once i detect or try something better than cloudflare, i’m gonna sell all my shares i hold on cloudflare, many others would do the same. At this moment, $NET is overvalued probably people believe in the company, but keep in mind, the CEO isn’t some Elon musk , elon musk bought back his own shares and treated his own company like his own baby. Cloudflare feels like being controlled by some larg corporate with large ownership and voting rights.

Look at the basic stuff like, ability to move domains between cloudflare accounts, till date , not done. So yeah, i really hope there’s some kind of secret and great project baking back there otherwise, sad.

Cough Lightsail

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