Does Cloudfrare Support IDN Domains?

I am about to register a domain with Arabic charaters (an IDN).
I am planning to make it a domain alias to my main domain, and redirect the traffic coming to it to my main domain using Cloudflare page rules.

My question is whether Cloudflare supports IDNs and can deal with domains with non-English characters?

the domain name will be:
which will trun to ASCII:


Generally, yes. Sometimes there are some issues when entering the name in its Unicode format, in which case you should try with the punycode, however IDNs are generally supported.

ok thanks a lot for this.
Do I then add the nameservers for the new domain the same as the nameservers i have for the orginal domain?

You set whatever nameservers Cloudflare provides for that domain. That can be the same but they can be different too. At this point it is not IDN specific anymore.

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