Does Cloudflare workers/KV allow Instagram type of app

Hi, Does Cloudflare workers/KV allow Instagram type of app? So too many images and videos all going to KV? The Workers/KV will be the paid bundled plan.

I hope the workers/KV is not included in the dreaded 2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content Clause.


Thanks. Looks like video is still not allowed as of today. If I store all my data (including short videos and images) as Json blob (25MB), does it matter to why the content of that data is as long as it is within the limit?

The terms of use do dictate what type of content is allowed, so yes.

Thank you. Will get back to the drawing board. Haha

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You could use DigitalOcean Spaces will run quite cheaply, then CF workers for the logic. Assets like images don’t need the millisecond edge advantage.

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