Does Cloudflare WARP in proxy mode encrypt my connection through WARP?

I set up Cloudflare WARP in a container (Ubuntu 22.04) on Linux. After the client installation, I run these commands to bring up the connection for the first time:

sudo systemctl enable --now warp-svc.service
warp-cli registration new
warp-cli mode proxy
warp-cli proxy port 1080

I config my proxy port to SOCKS5 port (1080), so I can set the host’s proxy connection to this port. I have no issue with the connection.

But I am not sure whether I am running the connection through WARP’s encrypted tunnel. According to this blog post, I can check whether I connected to WARP by:


Mine returns: warp=on.

I also check at, it returns Cloudflare IP, with Cloudflare Warp as ISP Name.

However, when I check at — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver, the item Using DNS over WARP is showing as No. I check this when I use WARP on Android, this item is showing as Yes.

Now, I’m confusing whether I connected to WARP.

Sounds like your http/https connections are going over warp but your dns queries are not. You can validate whether this is the case or whether they are reaching Cloudflare another way (DoT,DoH) with this tool:

You may need to configure your client using the proxy server to use it for dns as well.

I checked at and, both returned DNS resolver as Cloudflare, even when I set my system DNS resolver as Quad9. Only on test page that’s showing otherwise.

This is contrary to WARP on Android that always respects the system’s DNS resolver setting regardless of the settings in the app (DNS over WARP, DNS over HTTPS).