Does Cloudflare Warp for Teams use a static or dynamic IP address?

Trying to create a Cloudflare Access rule that will automatically permit entry (without needing to enter a one-time password) to anybody in my organization that is connecting via Cloudflare Warp.

I know from reading other threads here that using “Gateway” as a standalone bypass rule is not supported yet. So it seems like a good workaround would be to create a bypass rule that includes the “Warp” rule (meaning anybody running Warp can connect), then adding a source IP address requirement to stop just anybody from connecting.

So my question is: Does Cloudflare Warp for Teams use a static or dynamic public IP address? Is that IP address unique to my team? If my organization uses a unique static IP address then I should be able to easily restrict access to only people in my organization until Gateway is supported as a bypass rule.

sometimes dynamic, sometimes static

Hi @IAN4000
This is interesting!
Cloudflare WARP uses dynamic Public IP addresses from a pool of IP range.

However, to achieve your goal, can you try to create a rule as shown below with action as Bypass

The “IP ranges” should be your static IP/ CIDR of your organisation.

This would allow all the users with Warp coming from your Public IPv4/v6/ CIDR access the application without OTP.

If any requests comes without Warp, they will get a message that says “Unauthorized” unless you have another rule for authenticating users based on “Emails” or “Emails ending in” options then they will get option to authenticate via OTP.


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