Does Cloudflare use only limited number of data-centers for caching in pro plan?

Does Cloudflare use only a limited number of data centers for caching in the pro plan?
If I upgrade to the business plan, will more data centers be used for my website caching?
I have heard that Cloudflare does not use Indian data centers for any plan except enterprise?
What more speed optimization will I get for the business plan?

I belive not.

The only thing which comes to my mind in terms of a “priority data center” and “cache” might be a slightly different architecture when using:

  1. Argo Tiered Cache (even on Free plan)
  2. Argo Smart Routing (paid feature, helps for speeding up the dynamic content → packets routing through a bit better and closer data centers I think)

From my point of view, Pro plan is really awesome in terms of security features and especially for website where most visitors/traffic comes from mobile users → like mine, 75-80% of total is from mobile, so it really means a lot.

  • WAF, Managed WAF Rules, more custom Firewall Rules, more Page Rules, TCP Turbo, Mirage and Polish (great features for image optimization and delivery!)

Even since a Free plan, it’s all build in mind with and served as from anycast network.

I am not aware of this. Do not know this kind of information.

In comparison to the Pro plan?
A great feature I believe is Cache Bypass On Cookie when using a Business plan.

Could be I am wrong about some of the sated feature because I am still experimenting, testing and learning new things.

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone more experienced.


The only exception should be China. Higher plans get more network priority; however, this difference is minimal and shouldn’t be a reason to upgrade.

Railgun and Bypass on Cookie.

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