Does cloudflare support webp photo?

Does cloudflare support if I use webp format picture on my site? I used some webp pictures now, but I am afraid if the visitors can see them correctly.

I heard about that may the free version of CloudFlare doesn’t supports WebP image compression, is that correct?

You will encounter some issues when the WebP images are served to browsers that do not support WebP. So it is not advisable to convert pictures to WebP format in your server.

True. To enable WebP conversion you need to purchase Pro plan.

Thank you.

I would like to add some additional info about this, as this seems not to be 100% true to me.
I would not recommend SERVING WebP & legacy formats under the same URL (for example with rewrite rules on the server) as it conflicts with the way Cloudflare works (URL based). However, I can only recommend converting to WebP at the server if you are able to serve the image under a different URL as the legacy formats, for example like this:

        <source srcset="/img/picture.webp" type="image/webp">
        <img src="/img/picture.jpg" width="800" height="1200" alt="ALT TEXT">

(which by the way is the only right/proper way to serve different Image formats, as it works on ALL browsers without any server side logic)

Also, converting it on the server does give you some advantages:

  1. no limits
  2. no costs
  3. full control (quality, which libraries …)
  4. not depending on others

and some disadvantages:

  1. needs knowledge about how to do it
  2. needs additional installations/programs
  3. needs CPU/GPU power

This, I also think, is not correct as it may let people assume you can not use WebP on free plans. Also, the question that was asked was never answered.

Free plan does support WebP and its compression, BUT it does not support (include) converting images to WebP. That’s the difference.
You are able to serve WebP (with and without compression) images from your server as on all other plans, but with Pro Plan you don’t need to convert them yourself, which can be great if you don’t have the knowledge or the rights on the server to convert.

Beside all this said, I can just recommend the Pro Plan for its $20, which give you a very good service for its price.

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