Does Cloudflare support transferring the TLD ".autos"?

Ummm Yeaaa!!! — does CF support transfer of .autos domain names?

Theres not alot of info when I google “Cloudflare TLD .autos

I know there is a list somewhere for the supported TLD’s… however, I thought it would be nice to get some traffic to this link, maybe CF will hire me for ‘grey marketing’, I’m like a golden goose, like large margins of prosperity stuck in a cubicle.

Heres the link to the .autos TLD

Unfortunately, no. Here’s the list:

Um Yeaah! Maybe CF will jump on the .autos TLD bandwagon? That and .ca would be epic, please free us from the cold greedy hands of these domain overlords…


I think you slightly overestimate Cloudflare’s registrar service :smile:.

There really are lots of decent registrars out there.

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