Does cloudflare support tk tld?

When adding my domain, registered from FREENOM, and using ICANN Who-Is Lookup, it says:

No registry RDAP server was identified for this domain. Attempting lookup using WHOIS service.
Failed to perform lookup using WHOIS service: TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED.

Seeing as ICANN is the one that cloudflare links, does this mean that cloudflare will never be able to see the change? Or am I just dumb?

From what I know TLD => Top Level Domain
.tk is a TLD
.tk is not supported by ICANN
ICANN may be used by Cloudflare

There are a lot of .tk domains using cloudflare, when you +Add a site and enter the domain, what error message do you receive? Can you share the name of the domain?

Edit - BTW, there have also been a number of issues adding the site due to verification. A :search: for .tk domains will give background.

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