Does CloudFlare support these services?

I’m thinking of moving to CloudFlare from but unsure if CloudFlare will meet all my needs.

  • My website is hosted at netlify and I have a DNS A record to point to the IP and a CNAME to send www to it
  • I use MX records to forward emails to my domain name onto my gmail account, can cloudflare do that? Does it support multiple aliases?
  • I need DNSSEC for my domain
  • I use TXT and SRV records at my current provider

Thanks for helping!

Yes, you can create those records under DNS on your Cloudflare account and perfectly use Cloudflare for your site.

This article will help you further:

Thank you.

Currently Cloudflare does not support email, but email forwarding support has been announced and will arrive shortly. It will support multiple aliases as well as catch all addresses.

Everything else is pretty standard.

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For the first and last question, you can check this:

For the second question on email routing, you can read @michael 's post. It is a new feature, you can check details here:

For the DNSSEC question, Cloudflare support DNSSEC, please check this link for more details of setting up:

Hope it helps:)

Ah ok thanks, I need to wait for it to come out of beta.

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