Does Cloudflare support the Gopher and Gemini Protocols?

Hi, I am wondering whether Cloudflare offers DDoS protection and / or speedups for the Gopher and Gemini protocols, or only HTTP? Thanks!

@cscharff might have something to say :sunglasses:

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But no, Cloudflare does not support these protocols, respectively you’d need an Enterprise plan with Spectrum to proxy these protocols as well.

Ah, ok. I guess I’ll just grey-cloud and hope for the best :upside_down_face:

Yeah, I am afraid, on standard plans you can only proxy HTTP (respectively have a Spectrum light for a few protocols). Arbitrary TCP and UDP protocols will require a full Spectrum setup which is only available on Enterprise for now.

I think I found the solution: Argo Tunnel allows arbitrary TCP protocols doesn’t it?

You still won’t get it over the proxies as that requires Spectrum.

Ah, I see.

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