Does Cloudflare support Next.js ISR?

I deployed a Next.js application with getStaticProps and revalidation set to 10 seconds.
But when I change something in CMS and visit the page it won’t update my content event after much more time than 10 seconds.
Does Cloudflare support Next.js ISR?

Hey, I also encountered this problem, have you solved it?

Next.js does not support ISR with the edge runtime, thus next-on-pages does not support it as well

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) is a rendering mode in Next.js that allows you to automatically cache and periodically regenerate pages with fresh data. Next.js does not support building ISR pages for the edge runtime, and as such, pages should be changed to use server side rendering (SSR) instead.
ISR pages are built by the Vercel CLI to generate Vercel Prerender Functions. These are Node.js serverless functions that can be called in the background while serving the page from the cache. It is not possible to use these with Cloudflare Pages and they are not compatible with the edge runtime currently.
In case the Vercel build process generates predendered pages for your application, @cloudflare/next-on-pages will use static fallback files that are generated by the build process so that your application will still correctly serve your ISR/prerendered pages (but without the regeneration aspect).

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