Does Cloudflare support forwarding URL while preserving HTTPS?

I have a domain name registered with a second-tier domain name service and have discovered that their infrastructure doesn’t provide their customers with the ability to forward URLs that contain https. Their tech support department confirmed this on a call I had with them today. I had created a CNAME record with them that pointed my “www” subdomain (e.g. to an application URL and that URL works fine and forwards all http and https URLs to my page on buzzsprout. But when I tried to set up URL forwarding so that any requests to my root (they call it a “bare” domain name) to buzzsprout (e.g., the forward doesn’t work. Apparently some domain registrars provide this capability while others don’t. Does Cloudflare support this capability? I want to be sure it does before I go through the trouble of moving my registration over. Thanks!

Cloudflare can do any combination of forwarding with Page Rules for the URLs you listed:
http → http
http → https
https → http
https → https


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