Does CloudFlare support even answer tickets?

I’m on a paid Cloudflare plan through Siteground and, according to Cloudflare’s own documentation, SSL certs should be issued for paid plans in ~15 minutes. It’s been 9 hours and I opened a ticket with Cloudflare with no answer so far.

9 hours of site outage for a service I’m paying for? And no response to a support ticket?

Seems like a rocky way to start out with a paying customer.

Just curious if this is the level of support I should be expecting from this paid service.


Response time of support tickets is slow usually, that’s unfortunately true.

As far as your issue goes (you can simply disable proxying in the mean time to return to your old state), but usually it happens for some certificates to get stuck (if you searched the forum the are a few threads already talking about this), usually supports solves this, but you can try forcing it by disabling Universal SSL in the SSL/TLS app, waiting a few minutes and then re-enabling it.

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