Does Cloudflare support actually exist


I have lodged a ticket with Cloudflare support. I work for an MSP and raised a ticket for a client. Raised the ticket but it came back with 2 automated messages saying it was resolved yet no one contacted me. Can some help me please and if there is a support number that actually works or redirect me to a support team that actually answers queries.

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Just curious, what package do you have? Are you part of the enterprise partner program?

CF Support exists but it’s quite slow on non enterprise plans; if you have an issue the community can help with; it’s best to just ask here.

If it’s something out of the scope of the community; we might be able to escalate the ticket.


All I am trying do is to establish who hosts the DNS records of my client whether it’s Cloudflare as I know they host the name servers. For privacy reasons I wont mention he client and that should not be posted in here.

I cannot get through to anybody in technical support. Can someone help?

A simple whois lookup will identify the registered nameservers. Cloudflare cannot provide you with any information that you cannot find on your own.


For Security reasons, Cloudflare can only work with the person that owns the account. I noticed your ticket, I added a note to it and link to this post. Support cannot assist for all the reasons listed on this thread. Your client will need to either find the person that set the account up and get the login details or add the domain to an account they can control and change the nameservers to the two associated with that new account.


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