Does cloudflare support a hidden

Can Cloudflare DNS be configured as hidden main dns configuration? (Cloudflare is the primary but is hidden and the actual DNS zone information is distributed by another DNS vendor)

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If you can, it would require an Enterprise agreement.


yeah the docs mention being able to do it with CF as secondary but there’s no mention of hiding it when it is primary – that’s what I’m looking to clarify.

You can. It’d be a hidden primary and so would replace the listed servers at the registrar.


The article says: “you can keep your primary DNS provider and use Cloudflare as a secondary DNS provider.” I am wondering about the reverse – Cloudflare as primary/hidden and different DNS provider as secondary.

To clarify, can Cloudflare be both Primary and Hidden?

If there’s an article that answers this, please let me know specifically where it’s confirming this.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do it that way. But yeah I’m sure on an Enterprise plan they could set the right set of flags to allow that.