Does Cloudflare stream support 360 stereoscopic steaming ? VOD

  • does the transmuxing service of cloudflare stream take into account the meta data about the 360 videos ?
  • additionally, to what resolution does the transmuxing go ? ive noticed that most services cap at 4k, but for 360 this is barely enough. i would need to 7680 X 7680

thank you for your help

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Curious as well.

According to this it might unfortunately not :disappointed_relieved:

Also found Video VR 3D 180 or 2D 360 streaming in Firefox Reality or Oculus browser?

We don’t yet support 360 stereoscopic streaming, but would love to learn more about people on this thread are building, so we can understand your needs and prioritize on our end.

Can you share a bit more about your use case? Are you building new video applications, or just need a place to host 360 videos?

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I’m also looking for an alternative with you, preferably without loosing any pixels on footage :smiley:

Video quality is degraded a lot on current 360 streaming compatible platforms. The type of content goes from short ~1min sports clips to hour long city tours to be shared on social networks mostly.