Does Cloudflare share your backend IP address?

A few months ago, Cloudflare received a DMCA copyright infringement complaint and forwarded it to my hosting provider. This was all fine and could easily be solved soon after but the same person managed to contact my hosting provider even though all traffic was going through Cloudflare even though everything was set up correctly. They caused my hosting provider to suspend the server and resulted in me losing quite a lot of traffic and business.

The person/company that the complaint originated from is rumoured to be partnered with Cloudflare and I’m starting to believe that Cloudflare went out of their way to release my server’s backend IP address and or who my service was being hosted by.

Is this at all possible and is there anyone else with a similar experience?


When presented with a valid complaint we can provide who the web hosting provider is for the site in question.

Was it a valid DMCA complaint? Be interesting to know what information Cloudflare hand out because giving out your personal information can be a breach of GDPR.


Hi @swiftlootofficial, when we receive a complaint, we follow guidelines outlined in this series of recent posts, Due Process - The Cloudflare Blog. In the out of the weeds post note - “abuse complaints are automatically forwarded to both the website owner and the hosting company to allow them to take action.” We don’t share the IP. If you want to contact support, post the ticket and I’ll route it to the trust & safety team that handles complaints, they may have access to details that I cannot see.


They werent specific about what the issue was and when I contacted the email they just flat out told me that my service was against their terms of services without telling me anything about the DMCA complaint and told me they could not help me any further.

I dont think it was valid.

How then do you think that this company managed to access my backend IP and make a complaint to my hosting provider with it and target us specifically?

Are you sure that they dont bend rules even for partners?

Hi @swiftlootofficial, we have about 5k partners, bending rules to benefit one is just not something we’d do. Did you receive a copy of the complaint from the Cloudflare Trust & Safety team at Cloudflare or was the contact only from your hosting provider?

I received an email of the copyright claim from Cloudflare and then my hosting provider after that.

I don’t know if this is what actually happened, but the party that complained could’ve looked up the historical DNS records for your domain and figured out where your domain is hosted this way. There are both free and paid services available that provide historical DNS data.


I see, thats interesting. Thank you.

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