Does Cloudflare scrape CDS/CDNSKEY records if you manually add a DS record for a delegated sub-zone?

I’ve searched both the community topics and Cloudflare FAQs but haven’t really found any answer to if Cloudflare either automatically or can be told to keep tabs on the CDS/CDNSKEY records in a delegated zone to keep the DS record in the parent zone updated.

I have a delegated zone,, that publish CDS/CDNSKEY records. I have functioning DNSSEC through it and the sub-domains to that delegated zone but I would like to automate the updating of the DS record in the zone and am wondering if I need to do a small script that uses Cloudflare API to update the record, if I can setup Cloudflare to track the CDS/CDNSKEY records in the sub-domain zone or if it automatically keeps track of CDS/CDNSKEY records when I add a DS record for a delegated zone.

There have been no real obvious button or link to press in the site controlpanel for configuring its behaviour to CDS/CDNSKEY records.

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