Does Cloudflare Provide Static/Deditacte IP?

We need a static IP for the SAAS network that I am building.
Does Cloudflare Provide Static/Deditacte IP’s?

Here is my requirement: We am creating a SAAS based website builder platform like wordpress . com or Wix. So we need a static IP for this. All the customers will be pointing their websites to this IP. This IP will redirect the traffic to my server(s), whose IP’s may be change from time to time, as I need chang my hosting providers from time to time based on my requirements. When I have multiple servers in future, then I can put them all behind a Cloudflare load balancer, which will be using this IP.

So what is the solution for this? Does Cloudflare offer any solution to this scenario?

This is available as an add-on on the enterprise plan as part of apex proxying. Or you can BYOIP.


Thank you

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