Does cloudflare protect router IPs?

Does Cloudflare protect router IP? If yes, can someone tell me how to do it?

What you do you mean by protect router IP? If you have a :orange: DNS record that points to your router IP then any connections to that DNS record will go through Cloudflare.

How do you set it up?

does cloudfare protect against dossers?

All you need to set it up is set Cloudflare up for your domain make a DNS record that points to your router, then any requests to that hostname will go through Cloudflare. It will protect against DDOS attacks.


It is important to understand what Cloudflare is and isn’t. While Cloudflare can provide DDoS protection, it protects HTTP and HTTPS traffic on specific ports. It will also prevent traffic destined to other ports. This mean ports like those used by SSH, email, games, etc. will not be accessible.

You will want to thoroughly understand your use case and determine whether it aligns with Cloudflare services.

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but my questions whether i can put my router IP and have doss protection?

Sure you can. People host websites from home on devices like a Raspberry Pi and simple home servers all the time.

DDOS protection is one of the features that Cloudflare offers through its proxy, but can’t help if your home IP address is attacked directly.


Does cloudfare protect your router IPAgaisnt Ddoss attacks?

Is the home Ip the public IP given?

You would add your home IP address to Cloudflare, yes, however this won’t work well if you don’t have a Static IP address.

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