Does CloudFlare propagate DNS records and page rules to every POP in the world immediately?

When I create/edit/delete a DNS record or a page rule, does Cloudflare propagate the changes to all of its POPs in the world immediately?

Hi @nhd

It should be almost immediate - will probably be a few seconds, but pretty much. If the DNS record is :orange:, it should be almost instant everywhere, if :grey:, there may be cached values in various places so it can take a while to propagate. Are you having an issue?

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I’m not having any issues. I was just curious how the propagation mechanism works with respect to DNS records and page rules. Whether CF “pushes” all changes I make to its entire network, or each individual POP is responsible for “pulling” and caching the changed record/rule whenever a client requests it (similar to the way the CDN works). If I understand correctly, if a DNS record is orange-clouded, CF “pushes” it to all POPs; if it’s grey-clouded, each POP has to “pull” it from another POP if it doesn’t have it cached, thus hurting performance. Is that correct?

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To be honest, I am not 100% on this so will let someone else respond here!

Changes are pushed globally by the pipeline associated with the service/feature. In general global propagation of changes tends to be 60 seconds or less.


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