Does Cloudflare Pro Plan allow to increase timeout limit in order to avoid 524 errors?

Hi guys,
We are working on the optimization of (worpress based website) and we would like to do some questions about it:

  1. When we work on the publication/editing of posts or update pages information, sometimes we face 524 and Cloudflare errors. Searching the web, we came along with a Cloudflare support article in which it is suggested to exclude WordPress /wp-admin from the cache level.

However, we have been told that this could not be the solution, since the entire website is proxied by Cloudflare.

We have also come along with another interesting article talking about Wordpress caching via CLoudflare: Could this optimize the backoffice performance?

  1. We have also been evaluating to upgrade to the Pro plan, however we still have a doubt: will we be able to increase the 100 seconds timeout limit on the Cloudflare Pro plan?

Thanks for your support.

Suggestions regarding 524 error:

That’s correct, but if you have selected Cache Level: Standard (without Page Rule) for your domain, the CSS and JS files are cached (HIT) too (at least for me - or it’s due to my origin cache setup).

Due to my curiosity, may I ask which WordPress request or a plugin needs more time than that to execute something?
You stated “publiush/edit posts” - that should be in 100 seconds.
Have you tried troubleshooting / debug the MySQL and PHP process(es) at your origin host / server?
WP Cron or?

I afraid no, Cloudflare only offers that kind of customisation on Enterprise plans.

The only other way around this, aside from the above suggestions, is to use a Local hosts file for the admins so they are connecting directly to the site instead of through the Cloudflare proxy.

Thanks for helping us.

Here are 3 files attached that show some configuration settings.

I’m pretty sure that by setting to Standard the Caching configuration and by minifing CSS, JS and HTML, since the files cached are quite nothing at all right now… What’s your opinion?

Moreover, so we could exclude wp-admin from proxy or not?


Hallo sdayman,
In another thread you told us the wp-admin exclusion was not possible, why? Here you seem to take that as a possible solution, isn’t it?

Thanks so much to you too

I have no idea where you get that from. If you’re wondering why I marked @fritex’s response as a Solution, it’s because he answered your question.

Hallo Sdayman,

I was just addressing to you reply to another thread we posted here (screenshot here attached

), when you said the back office exclusione was not possible. Instead @fritex here said it is a possible solution.

Now we are pretty confused: can we or not to exclude /wp-admin from Cloudflare proxy?

Thanks so much again

Where did he do so?

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Hallo Sandro,

Here (

screenshot attached).
If I misunderstood, I’m sorry. However, I just want to know if ti could be possible or not and I have not received a clear reply yet.

Thnk you too

That refers to caching and that you can disable, as @fritex pointed out, with page rules but you cannot disable the proxy itself.

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