Does Cloudflare Pro come with Dedicated SSL certificate?

I am using Cloudflare mostly for its CDN services. The first time I setup Cloudflare for my website, I did not have a SSL certificate. Later, when it became necessary, I implemented it. Turns out, despite having Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed on my server (by hosting service), Cloudflare has its own SSL certificate that is shared with several other websites including some adult and toxic domains. (tested on
I don’t know how or why, but as soon as I purchased dedicated SSL certificated from Cloudflare $5 per month, my website ranking and authority grew.
Also, I am quite interested in Cloudflare Pro. So my question is ( as I am already giving out $5 per month for a SSL certificate at a time where you could just get SSL certificated for free), does Cloudflare Pro comes with a dedicated SSL.
Also, any benefits of purchasing Pro version?
If not, can I install Let’s Encrypt certificate installed on my host on Cloudflare too?
If I transfer my domain to Cloudflare registrar, does it have dedicated SSL?

With whom you share the certificate should really not influence any of that.

It does not.

Whatever is listed in the plan comparison page.

Custom certificates are possible but require at least a business plan.

No, no change there.

Thanks for the reply

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