Does Cloudflare Pages has documented REST API for direct upload?

I want to create/update Cloudflare Pages project from a ZIP file (or file by file) with static content using REST API without Git/Wrangler.

I want to migrate my solution from Netlify to Cloudflare pages if this is possible.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare Pages doesn’t offer a documented REST API for direct file uploads.

The best reference will be wrangler’s source:, but keep in mind that as with any undocumented APIs, there’s no guarantee of stability or backwards compatibility, etc.

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Thank you for your response.
Do you have any plans for the future?
As I understand if this API changed then all CI/CD integrations also must be changed.

Out of interest, why not just use wrangler? It’s much easier to run wrangler at a folder than figure out the API, correctly encode the content, correctly hash it all and send it up.


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