Does Cloudflare operate Tor relays?

I came across a blog post asserting that Cloudflare operates Tor exit relays to deanonymize traffic and his proof is that when he’s using Tor Browser and goes to it shows Cloudflare as his host? Is there any truth to this whatsover? You’re being lied to. Tor is 2 hops, not 3 – Simplified Privacy

Screenshot of accessing while using Tor Browser:

I think your question is answered in the docs:


So when you visit through the Tor Browser the website is being served over Tor?

When you visit any website through the Tor browser, it is served over Tor. That’s the whole point I believe.

I’m not overly familiar with Tor, but as I understand it, when you request a website that is on Cloudflare and has Onion Routing enabled via the Tor browser, you first make a normal Tor connection:

Tor browser → Tor entry → Tor relay → Tor exit → Cloudflare

Cloudflare tells the Tor browser that the site you want is also available as a .onion service, to which the Tor browser then connects like this:

Tor browser → Tor entry → Tor relay → Tor relay → Cloudflare (.onion)

The advantage is that you don’t suffer from the IP reputation of the exit node.


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