Does cloudflare only cache up to 500 MB of content?

Hey guys, I’m new to cloudflare.
I have a small traffic website, but it hosts about 20GB of dynamic, user uploaded content, such as videos and images. Will cloudflare (the free plan) help me speed use the load time of said content, or is that out of cloudflare’s scope? I ask about this 500 MB limit because that number is way smaller than the size of my website’s contents.


500MB is a file size limit. Not the entire cache.

As for what sits in the cache, it would only be frequently used files. If it’s rarely requested, it will be evicted from the cache early.

Thank you for clarifying, sdayman. So what is the limit for the cache? Also, I don’t know where I read that mp4 and webm files don’t benefit from the CDN by default. Is that true? If so, where do I change that behavior?

Cache additional content by creating a Cloudflare Page Rule to Cache Everything .

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