Does Cloudflare offer free email

My Domains are with Godaddy hosting Plan. Now godday don’t offer any free emails plans /forwarding plans. we need to buy from MS office/outlook.
when i move domain name server to free cloudflare plan,
is the email routing will work as normal…?!
I don’t have any email plans now from Godaddy .

Email routing is a way to get inbound emails, but does not offer the ability to send emails. You will need a different service to send emails.

Thanks for the reply.
To get inbound emails from my domain to cloudflare, do i need a any email plan from My original domain Hosting company ( my hosting plans with godaddy. they don’t provide any free emails plans ). I moved my domian to cloudflare to get free SSL certificate. i just need to catchups all my emails from my domain & no need to reply from domain account. pls help. thanks

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No, theoretically all you need is some other email account, like a gmail address that the emails from your domain can be forwarded to.

However, many people experience issues with forwarded emails from Cloudflare getting classified as spam, so if it doesn’t work for you, you may need an email account where you have control over what gets classified as spam.

I’m afraid that’s not going to work. As you don’t have an email service, these emails are not saved anywhere. The sender may retry sending the emails once you have an email service running, but some email might be lost, especially if this state has been going on for a while.

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You could use zoho for a free email account. I am busy getting off GoDaddy as well - been a customer since 2011 and there attempt to sell us O365 didn’t sit well with me. Zoho will guide you through the domain entries to make to sub your old email provider (GoDaddy) with Zoho if this is something you want.