Does CloudFlare offer combined-JavaScript-libraries CDN like jsdelivr?

JS Delivr has a very good feature:[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

It can join different JS libraries into one request.

Not via CDNJS, no. The method you show with jsdelivr seems… bad because now browsers won’t be able to share their file cache across websites. A user requesting that URL won’t pull from their cache unless another website uses that exact library combination.

Thanks very much for your fast reply.

I am a bit confused about

now browsers won’t be able to share their file cache across websites

If the browser can’t share file cache across websites, how can another website use or not use the exact library combination help?

For now, browsers still haven’t universally turned on cache partitioning, but you’re correct that it won’t matter for much longer. Still, cdnjs doesn’t support this feature, so if you’d like to request it you can do so at (cdnjs is generally a separate project, Cloudflare just provides the CDN).

Actually I’ve seen a senior engineer from CDNJS closed a related issue 5 years ago. I guess there’s no way for them to provide this feature :frowning:

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