Does Cloudflare offer a product for non-html caching?

Let’s assume my webpage serves most of its traffic by distributing binary files (not videos).

The TOS of Cloudflare state that it’s only intended to use for web assets (HTML, etc.).

Is there a product from Cloudflare to serve those static assets?

Does upgrading to a pro plan already cover this?

In general, the “cache everything” page rule allows caching any file. But wherever you’re linking your binary files from must also be on Cloudflare and must also be HTML/a website. The terms of service apply to all plans (except maybe when you have an enterprise contract).

For example, Mediafire uses Cloudflare, and can because their main website is also using the Cloudflare proxy.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you point me to the location in their TOS that states that the content must be served from a website?
EDIT: never mind, I found it (2.8 Limitation on Non-HTML Caching)

I found this answer after a bit of searching. I think this answers my question.

I guess you contact them if you have large non-html traffic and then get a 5000$+ enterprise subscription.

Digital Ocean’s Spaces comes with CDN and may be an affordable option. Keep in mind that their CDN “double charges” outbound data if it has to pull from non-cached data from the bucket and then routes it though the CDN. If it’s already cached in the CDN, it’s a single charge.