Does Cloudflare now support Cache-Control for Next JS SSR?


I want to ask about Cloudflare Cache-Control, does it support caching for Next JS getServerSideProps SSR now?

Next JS official documentation recommends using Cache-Control for caching the SSR response, with some note, saying Your deployment provider must support caching for dynamic responses.

There was a github discussion on next.js repository in 2020 saying Assuming you're not on a cloudflare enterprise plan. Cloudflare does not support caching responses from a server on their normal plans.

I want to ask if this is still the case? I am currently using Pro plan.

What is this referring to specifically? This has pretty much never been the case.

Dynamic in what way? As in you have per-user functionality?

Cloudflare’s cache would serve the same cached asset to all of your users.

Hi KianNH, thanks for answering.

The term dynamic also confuses me, but at least the goal is to have edge caching works by setting Cache-Control like this

    'public, s-maxage=10, stale-while-revalidate=59'

I refered to this nextjs[.]org /docs/going-to-production#caching
And the github discussion is in here github[.]com /vercel/next.js/issues/20380#issuecomment-749537226

(sorry I seems can’t include link in my post)

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