Does cloudflare limit bandwith for Pro users?

Hi, I’m setting up a streaming server and I’m using cloudflare to allow a specific country, do they limit the bandwith? Thank you.

Streaming over CloudFlare (using :orange:) is against the ToS unfortunately

Is there a way to enable firewall then? and choose specific countries? also can I bypass cache for a speicifc country? thank you.

Are you only using Cloudflare to get the user’s country and not for its other features?

The stream would have to be :grey: but you can put other parts of your site on :orange:
To use the Firewall those parts of your site need to be :orange:
You would not be able to use the Firewall on your stream itself without it being :orange: which is against the ToS. Far as I am aware streaming can be enabled when on an Enterprise plan, but this is not a standard thing and would need to be specifically arranged first.

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