Does cloudflare increase the server load time?


Hello, I was testing my website in google page speed tools and I found out that I need to reduce server response time with this message “your server responded in 0.23 seconds”. I didn’t have this kind of issue before so, I paused cloudflare and checked it again and there was no such errors. So have I done something wrong or is there any way I can fix it.As per my server is concerned I’m hosting my website in VPS server of Godaddy


Cloudflare is going to add a bit of time for non-cached resources. It needs to fetch that content from your server, then turn around and deliver it to your visitor. Cloudflare isn’t going to magically make your origin server faster.

Overall time is reduced due to many other resources being cached. If your main page is fully cached (A “Cache Everything” option), it doesn’t have to make that trip to your server.

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